Handmade Soap Malaysia was conceived with imaginative creators, crafters and innovators like you in mind. We are here with a mindful goal: to raise, educate, and inspire a new generation of like-minded enthusiasts and creators.To this end, we strive to continually design a series of unique and distinctive products, as well as to share quality resources with you, our fellow enthusiasts and creators, to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination to help you succeed and enjoy this journey. 
We are a homegrown online store that offers a one-stop service to our customers. We provide raw materials, tools, ingredients, partial ready-made products and Handmade Soap Malaysia products. Our highly-acclaimed workshops provide lessons on how to make your own, customised Handmade products ranging from skincare, body care, haircare, cosmetic, perfume , aromatherapy products etc.
Handmade Soap Malaysia, we stand to enlighten and uplift Creators globally.
For further general or business enquiries, including partnerships, please contact us at enquiry@handmadesoapmalaysia.my