Aromatherapy in Working Adult Wellness (Head & Shoulder massage, Sleeping Quality, Stress Relief)


Do you know what is Aromatherapy?
Hear of it but unfamiliar?
Why is it so popular nowadays, but yet many of us still knowing very little about it?
How aromatherapy affects our body and emotions?
This is the workshop for you !
🍀Introduction of Aromatherapy
🍀History of Aromatherapy
🍀The differences between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils
🍀Essential oils and its extraction method.
🍀Usage of essential oils and its’ benefits.
🍀Cause of related issues and methods to relief the symptom.
🍀Hands on head and shoulder massage
What to bring back?
🍁5ml Pain Away Blend
🍁5ml Stress Away Blend
🍁5ml Focus Blend
🍁5ml Good Sleep Blend
🍁Certificate of completion
🍁FREE 5ml mysterious blend
🌱Conducted by International Certified (NAHA) Aromatherapist 🌱
RM278/pax, Rm500/twin

Status: Available